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The brigade condition that the culture in Oriental sky experiences asperses cabi
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Graph 1: The passenger of bear the palm accepts the award that steward gives gladly

Since April 26, dong Hang begins " the brigade of the culture in Oriental sky, week of Yunnan culture travel " the activity is in dynamic ground to undertake in.

In engine room, name of introduction of the Yunnan scene introduction that ethical dress postpones tourist guide of guess, steward, Pu'er tea knowledge, Yunnan is especially fastfood recommend, of singer of former zoology of mainland of the introduction of flower sort and meaning, Yunnan wonderful sing etc, left very deep impression to the passenger, many passengers left deep feeling in cabin in succession.

One is called gentleman say of Li Yongchao: "The stay away from home that Oriental aerial empty Chinese turns let us enjoy the characteristic of multiracial, diversity, we already full the luck to eat sth delicious, feast one's eyes on, spirit, humanitarian big eat is very distinctive! Characteristic serves the area culture that reachs multi-element, let us enjoy overflow to serve. Still multiply Dong Hang next time, always write down Dong Hang! " Yunnan music pacify Mr Zhang Huide of the 2nd elementary school such say: "A series of activities on the plane, adjusted already the depressing atmosphere in journey, the visitor that invites each district again, and even foreign friend increased the understanding to Yunnan. Today's activity is very very good, strong! Roll out Yunnan, conduct propaganda Yunnan! " still have a guest such say: "The passenger It is a pleasure to be the first to read an artical or see a film. that culture Zhou Weishang did not set foot on ground of Yunnan beauty laterite, for a short while close quarters experiences Yunnan nation amorous feelings... "

The passenger's affirmation and satisfaction are mobile raise sail, delivered motor. Range is continueing, the activity still also is continueing...


Graph 2: The passenger leaves a message


Graph 3: A passenger is taking an active part in interlocution


Graph 4: The passenger leaves a message

Photography: Sun Yang


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