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Accipitral couplet aviation is had the honor to win double stream " 10 beautiful
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On May 8, 2007, accipitral couplet aviation is commended again, obtained double stream " 10 beautiful civilian battalion enterprise " title. Civilian battalion economy is the main component of socialist market economy, it is the main power that stimulative society productivity expands. Accipitral couplet airline from since doing poineering work, took the drive that struggles difficultly, acute meaning enterprising, promoted economy growth, increased finance income, enlarging the respect such as obtain employment and prosperous market to produce main effect.

Accipitral couplet aviation all the time firm pays interior government, development innovation, carry out the decision-making disposition that government of county Party committee, county admits about promoting civilian battalion economy actively, optimize an environment, aggrandizement serves, for " get run western, enrich the people strong county, compose builds harmony double stream " made positive contribution.


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