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South Dong Hangyun " golden peacock crew " good athlete of the carry that it is
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Graph 1: Steward is revealed to the passenger " lucky star " award

The MU5802 airliner April 30, to the branch austral Dong Hangyun " golden peacock crew " for, it is everybody only in the flight number that executes normally a very common, but to taking all guests of this airliner, for the Shanghai delegacy that will go to Kunming to attend carry of incomplete of the 7th whole nation to meet especially, a more different common of this Yunnan, make them unforgettable.

Be in " the brigade that the culture in Oriental sky experiences -- week of Yunnan culture travel " while ground of mobile like a raging fire is begun, just meet carry of incomplete of the 7th whole nation is met again be about to (on May 12, 20 days) hold in Kunming. The MU5802 Shanghai April 30 -- the Shanghai delegation that the happy event on Kunming airliner receives the first batch to go to Kunming to attend countrywide incomplete carry to meet. Athletes body incomplete annals not incomplete, they board the plane by oneself, oneself seek a seat, the closet on oneself, include two wheelchair athletes, did not rely on the help of any steward and other. They wear orderly kit, be full of the place that takes self-confidently in oneself to go up, often still send genial smile to the steward in the job. Had been " week of Yunnan culture travel " the 5th day after the activity begins, fly everyday same flight number, the activity of sundry rich and colorful is developed even after regular job, sisters have some of exhaustion more or less, but go up in the body of this group of athletes, we felt self-improvement, self-confident power again it seems that. Everybody also is certain: Should hold to only even if win!

After normal servive routine ends, dong Hang " week of Yunnan culture travel " characteristic activity also began. It is to come from 3 of Yunnan Dali city above all " ambassador of Dali travel figure " introduce Dali folk-custom festival for the passenger " in March street " meaning and antecedents, attended a very good illuminative class to be about to set foot on the tourists of Yunnan laterite ground. Of one Quyou raise " the brook drips water " took everybody distant Dali dream immediately, more added passengers to love to mix to Dali unfeignedly yearning.


Graph 2: "Lucky star " be about to be in small " honored guest " the generation in the hand

Beautiful spring the city that the city also is a flower. In the applause that does not cease in the prolonged that is intoxicated at euphonic folk song, the yellow rose of two bundles of enchanting attracted everybody's eyeball immediately. "Whose flower? " , " very beautiful! " , " who sends? " , " be give me? " the passenger is being taken a lot of doubt and anxiously expect, was in the look centrally again wear beautiful the steward of beautiful nation dress people on the body. Compere is laughing craftily to say: "Come from afar to receive the friends of Yunnan of be a guest, we will have activity of a lucky big lottery below, which friend is the luckiest? So beautiful flower will send you! " " wow! Very good beauty, happy thing! " immediately boiling rises in cabin. Steward people the boarding check that begins ordinal collect fare, will decide through draw-out boarding check who is today " lucky star " . To assure the fairness of lucky big lottery and justice, what our specially invites two children to hold the position of us from in front of is small " honored guest " , will finish this lottery activity jointly. Two bub still are held out really cooperate, had not waited for us to do set an example, oneself are raised " lottery box " exert all one's strength the ground shakes, still keep in the mouth be favored with: "Shake up ability is fair! " babyish young adult appearance is offended nearly passengers burst out laughing.
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