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"51 " International Airport of golden week Pudong " careless " grow in quantity
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On May 6 morning, xiaozhang of policeman of station of Pudong edge check is carrying out frontier defence to check the task, suddenly a passenger breathes out greatly " my passport disappeared! " . Xiaozhang searchs prestige, see a middleaged woman inside the area that need check turns urgently all round in place only. With respect to imply without the passport this cannot enter a country, the woman cried urgently. See state, xiaozhang comforts a passenger at the same time, help at the same time search. After about 15 minutes, xiaozhang discovered the passport of woman losing and airline ticket on a luggage barrow eventually. Original, this passenger just for rearrange baggage, conveniently put the passport to luggage barrow to leave.

Just sent the careless woman that throws a passport, small Zhang You discovered a transparent plastic bag in the stage that write check, he realizes this affirmation is passenger losing immediately. Open a bag, a few thick files and a Qian Ga are inside. After captain is informed a circumstance, be informed owner of lost property quickly to had left edge check to await check area through computer inquiry. Time is pressing, xiaozhang grabs satchel bears down on place of baggage article extraction, found approximately acedia Ms. Zhao eventually. Because the article inside Zhao female bag is,mix from foreign capital attraction the important document that signs a contract.

Policeman of the check that occupy a side introduces, during 51 golden weeks, discrepancy condition passenger increases ceaselessly. In the fastigium that person bearer goes to, edge check policeman can be come up against everyday 10 many " careless " . Missing article also is multifarious, small to glasses, decorations, wait a moment to computer of passport, mobile phone, Qian Ga, notebook greatly, although policeman of classics edge check tries hard to seek final return sth to its owner in good condition, but still caused needless trouble.

Was about to greet height of golden week return with on May 7, edge check policeman is reminding passenger of broad discrepancy condition appropriate is custodial article while, also give out here sweet at 3 o'clock clew.

One, take part in a battle with light packs. Avoid to carry many baggage, create have too many things to take care of at the same time, surplus baggage goods had better undertake consigning.

2, value certificate. Be sure to keep in mind not to run the serious article such as passport, certificate in the hand, most passenger thinks " hold in safety of the ability in the hand " , actually otherwise, basis before experience, majority loses the passenger of the passport to because obtain the passport,be just about in the hand, undesigned " forgetful " cause lose. Proposal general passport, certificate place in coat pocket appropriate keeps.
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