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Ministry of service of boat southwest cabin refines the country administrative d
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The communication communication between good to be done further airline and passenger works, to the passenger complain have seasonable return, because cause of difference of staff member individual causes a passenger 2 times to complain,avoid, development of ministry of service of cabin of boat southwest branch turns the country subtly management, constituent person specially assigned for a task to complaining a passenger psychology is mixed experience undertake an analysis, in the light of complain a passenger to design the name that make to be " country boat and your person of the same trade " excuse letter.

2007, the passenger that ministry of service of cabin of boat southwest branch receives the country is invalid complain scale to increase. Invalid complaining is to point to a passenger to serve a product to aviation dissatisfactory, but real reason is not airline liability complain. For example, weather reason causes destination airport to be not accorded with descend the passenger that the standard causes is complained. Cabin of boat southwest branch serves the country the staff member carries the department a large number of with complain a passenger to contact discovery, complaining is the expression that the passenger trusts to airline, because manage what the trustful ability of ability can hesitate none to leave his opinion to suggest to airline,the passenger is, this is airline is passed exterior supervise search a question ceaselessly, promote the opportunity of ego. Face the passenger of openness and airline communication, although complain a reason to be absent airline, but the problem that the sincerity that how delivers airline to the passenger and the determination that improve ceaselessly are the oversight in managing before. " country boat and your person of the same trade " excuse letter is experienced from the passenger just about set out, those who face up to existence is invisible service issue, enhance a passenger to serve the understanding of flow to airline, dissolved misunderstanding and contradiction.

Once this excuse letter is rolled out, get those who complain a passenger approbate become reconciled to judge.

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