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Change a destiny with knowledge: Boat Guangxi plane maintains factory Yang Jijun
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Course member it is an ordinary post, but go up in this ordinary post just about, plane of boat Guangxi branch maintains a factory south one workshop course member Yang Jijun the outstanding achievement that made rough this mortal world however, and all these predestined relationship is opposite from him of knowledge long for spirit. In Guangxi talent of this esteem knowledge, esteem, esteem works, on the hot land that values creation, his struggling spirit with constantly strive to become stronger, the tenacious volition of assiduous self-study, since having a job from 2004, be judged to be early or late " ministry of Wu of 2004 year machine one workshop is outstanding course member " , " 2005 year safety is advanced individual " , " safety of branch of Guangxi of 2006 year Na Hang is advanced generator " .

Because be course member, asking to his on business technology so is not very tall, but Yang Jijun asks with respect to what did not lower his, not only maintain the general technical ability that grasps good demand adroitly, and the self-study that passes oneself is in in July 2006 pass an entrance examination 737 - 300/500 type charter, become can finish independently 737 - the line that 300/500 course maintains member the first person. The member that he compares general course assumed more responsibility, risk, but the safeguard of the job that he always did not neglect security is everything, a bit mistake never has made in the job, make the good example of everybody study.

Yang Jijun is graduated from industry of Guangxi Guilin spaceflight advanced schools computer is professional, want to did not understand the plane from, and the staff that should maintain post to make success one time in the plane, must compare more time below the colleague that comes out from professional school; Always must need to learn to the master, learn to book, learn to practice. This assiduous and ambitious youth marchs bravely to knowledge, to destiny challenge. He teachs oneself << assiduously at beginning in November 2006 civil aviation implement maintenance technician charter >> , but because the job held him to see book time for the most part, be good at him what bear hardships, be before difficulty and did not shrink back, came off work when work in the same placing, he still reads a book in the dormitory however, often see eye acid bilges weep. He clever thought up a tweak: Close different key point first, with right soon book, tired again rotate comes over. Did not know to spend how many night so, be in eventually successful this year in April passed << civil aviation implement maintenance technician charter >> written examination and oral, he is learning fundamental skill assiduously now, preparation attends the exam June.
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