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First class airline tickets discount business class fare down open
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Used to be "monolithic" fixed first and business class fares of domestic flights, starting from June 1 loosening may have. Recently by the Civil Aviation Authority, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the "first-class domestic flight to promote civil aviation, public Cabin fare reform "policy (the" notice ", defined the domestic flights first class, business class fares to implement regulated by the market. First Class fares release The "notice" provisions, the price of the transport airlines required to type, level and applicable conditions (including first class and business class seats and economy class differences and matching facilities and service standards, etc.), advance 30 Civil Aviation Authority and the National Development and Reform Commission filing daily after the implementation to the public, this is the first class, business class fares face content. According to report, most airlines are now first-class domestic economy class fare is 150% of full price tickets, economy class business class fare is 130% of full price tickets. In general, many of the discounts, the only for the economy Compartment, are rarely discounted business class. Obviously, after the New Deal to make airlines "two tank" is also at a discount, to further improve load factor. International precedents - "two tank" tariff adjustments in the international precedents. International routes in the "two spaces" tariff policy, tariffs have provided different classes, although the same basic cabin service, but tickets are Valid, round trip, time and ticket refund, rescheduling, signed transfer area can have different restrictions. Have the means to enjoy the first class In fact, some domestic airlines have two spaces in a disguised price adjustments, such as the introduction of "premium economy class" or "first-class experience of space" concept, as long as three days in advance purchase economy class passengers the full price of tickets, it is possible Was upgraded to first class or business class. Such as China Southern Airlines, Hainan Airlines, China Eastern Airlines and other companies have introduced the "upgrade" business. To provide more differentiated services, China Southern is taking the lead, has passed the modified aircraft, one after another in Guangzhou, Shenzhen to Beijing, Shanghai and other popular domestic routes, the introduction of the "high-end economy class" of new products. Cost estimates - according to China Southern's estimated that by July this year, China Southern will have a total of 7,000 high-end economy class seats into the market, as long as each flight, there is a buy discount economy fare passengers choose to upgrade to full High-end price of economy class, is expected as long as a year, China Southern Airlines Economy Class to the high-end can be modified to recover the cost of the nearly billion.
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