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Delivery of Boeing China joint-stock company changes loading plane the 7th times
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Boeing is in joint-stock company of China---The Xiang Gugen before plane of Xiamen remote antiquity maintains day of engineering limited company consign of partner of sea Mu aviation already changed his costume or dress ending 747-400 Boeing changes loading plane. The 7th this is this company delivery changes loading plane.

It is reported, partner of aviation of Gu Genhai Mu hired this cargo aircraft Holand horse man air-freight company, boat of equestrian fourth goods will be in to the operation on the course of middle east, far east and Australia this wears a plane. Gugenhaimu and boat of equestrian fourth goods are additional still 3 747-400 Boeing changed loading machine to sign the agreement that rent, these 3 plane general at 2007 and changed his costume or dress 2008 and consign.

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