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Airborne demand increases an Asia to stand for war into Boeing empty guest cease
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Because economy grows quickly, asian airline buys new aircraft to satisfy the airborne requirement of constant growth in succession. " new York Times " wrote a few days ago civil point to, here setting falls, whether occupy in Asian aviation market first machine, to the whole world two big airlineses make a tycoon -- Boeing and sky cling to for the sense is great. International aviation carries association to ever was forecasted, the aviation traffic of Asian area will grow nearly 7% this year, prep above North America and European area the amplitude of 5% . Market of Asia of race to control appears to Boeing company particularly important, because the growth of Asian market is OK,the help offsets the slow growth that American home sells. 16% what Boeing held gross earnings of its whole world in Asian sale last year, and it is about when 2000 13% . This company predicts, did not come 20 years, 36% what the Asia will take global plane market, among them the forward position that China is located in this one market will beyond questionly. Regard Boeing as the main competitor of the company, empty cling to the company is latter although be adjourned to deliver the goods by A380 large airlines,problem place is perplexed, but it still nots allow to ignore in the force of Asian market. Last year, empty cling to the sale in the Asia exceeded Boeing first.

Occupy a story additionally, european aviation matters pertaining to defense and spaceflight company (EADS)3 day makes a statement, call its principal subsidiary empty cling to the company encountered grim challenge when project of transport of for military use of ongoing hair A400, but this company shows transport of for military use of the first A400 will 2009 on schedule consign is used. Statement says, a400 project needs in the systematic respect such as its wire cable and engine bigger improve.

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