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Why is civil aircraft order added situation is exuberant
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Came 2001 between 2004, two old plane manufacturer of world -- -- empty guest and Boeing order are not much. According to statistic, in these 4 years, the order that empty guest obtains is 375 respectively, 300, 284 mix 370, and Boeing inferiors slightly at empty guest, order is 314 respectively, 251, 249 mix 277. But recently two years, the order of empty guest, Boeing is like the ground to fly like snowflake, rise suddenly 2005 to mix 1028 to 1111, achieve historical record high. Up to now, the order this year amounts to empty guest, Boeing respectively 605 mix 854.

Why does market of international civil aviation appear 100 times with load engine order the situation that jump? According to the analysis, basically have the following 3 big reasons. Above all, aviation carries the market to anabiosis, demand is exuberant with each passing day. Last year, global aviation carried passenger traffic volume to grow 7.6% than going up one year, goods volume also rose 3.2% compared to the same period. According to forecasting, henceforth 20 years, aviation passenger traffic volume year all amplitude is 5% to 6% . Each are big airline against a rainy day, purchase new aircraft in succession, increase carriage capacity, the line with new open up, have the market share of wide perspective with consolidate and expanding in this. Statistic shows, of the Asia each are big airline, nearly 43% what its plane order took world total order, effectively helps the demand growth that used civil aircraft.

Next, what economic globalization and international aviation carry the market is progressively and open, ecbolic new airline is ceaseless emerge in large numbers, especially cheap airline is more in the ascendant. Since 2000, new the airline that hold water added plane seat newly to grow nearly 30% . Meanwhile, beautiful Europe is cheap airline is very active also, its are in Euramerican in empty guest A320 and Boeing were occupied on market of short distance plane nearly 1/2 of 737 order.

The 3rd, in recent years, oil price shoots up, accentuated the cost burden of airline. To save fuel, each pace that big airline quickened newer machine group, eliminate the old model with oily much waste time, add an oily new model. The happening of accident of a few aviation accident, make a passenger taller and taller to the safety performance requirement of the plane, make plane of a few old model " result retreat into the body " .

Look into future, potential of market of world civil aviation is tremendous. A when released a few days ago according to empty customer firm newest forecast, henceforth 20 years (came 2006 2025) global airline will add passenger cargo aircraft newly twenty-two thousand seven hundred, total value is as high as 2.6 trillion dollar, the plane amount that the world ran 2025 will break up one time than now. Among them, 100 above plane amounts to twenty-one thousand nine hundred, the demand of empty guest A380 will amount to 1660 (the plane is 1260) , and the carriage growth of Asia-Pacific area is more vigorous, 56% what buy aircraft capacity to will take the whole world, pardonable air traveler, Boeing increases offensive, in in long-range aircraft is made on strive grabs anticipate opportunity. Can foreknow, have in aviation market demand add fall without decreased circumstance, the order of civil aircraft on international aviation market will continue to maintain growth momentum henceforth.
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