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Joy cereal The 4th when happy Gu Shihua builds after the window of village of culture of folk-custom of China of samite of afterwards of live abroad city, China, world participates in a gender the park of large travel theme with high content of strong, science and technology. The world window Collect world marvellous spectacle, natural scene at an organic whole, emersion " the world and you in all happy " good world. When curtain of night arrives, the integrated evening party that by world nation singing and dancing forms... samite China Samite China is located in the Shenzhen bay bank with beautiful scene. It is a racily report the solid Jing Wei of Chinese history culture, artistic, ancient time, building and ethical amorous feelings shrinks classify... Celestial being lake arboretum Arboretum of celestial being lake is give priority to in order to travel, scientific research, popular science is complementary scenery arboretum. Ou Hesong of sky of complete garden cent, lake area, temple area, desert scene Bai Dujuan area of 5 great respect... Dameisha littoral park Park of big plum sanded seaside is located in the eastpart part of Shenzhen special zone, the roc bay bank of scene charming and gentle. Here 3 annulus hill, widen among gently, overlook the lake at the same time, 1800 meters the beach is enchased between blue sea of this green hill... Sino-British street The Sino-British market inside town of sanded brilliance of roc bay bank does not grow 250 meters, wide do not cross 4 meters, street heart with " boundary tablet stone " for the bound, northern part belongs to Shenzhen, hong Kong is belonged to south. The reforming and opening as China... golf meets view billows lake Golf can be located in the lake that watch billows town of Shenzhen view billows, it is China match of itinerate of the first member that win professional golf is met (PGATOUR) admissive field, also was 1995 world cup golf is surpassed hold...
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