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China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition "Made in China" power f
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Shenzhen Special Zone of Zhuhai on November 21 six-day power Eighth China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition in Zhuhai today successfully concluded. Success of the former seventh on the basis of the air show, air show this year the number of foreign exhibitors exhibits high technology content, and so are the most ever in professional, international, and many other aspects of the brand to achieve a qualitative leap . At the same time, this air show in the "Made in China" received much attention from China's domestic air and space exhibits in a number of data record, "Made in China" strength filling. According to the State Council, "Eighth Air Show China, the outline" of the approved content of the Ninth Air Show China 2012 November 13 to 18 held in Zhuhai. 28 projects worth 9.3 billion Zhuhai Airshow Co. responsible person, according to preliminary statistics, as of yesterday afternoon, from 35 countries and regions in the world for nearly 600 aerospace companies to participate in exhibitions, displaying various types of aircraft, 71 more than last air show an increase of more than 10 aircraft. In addition to large passenger aircraft C919 launch customer orders for 100 aircraft, the national and regional exhibitors signed 28 projects between approximately 93 billion U.S. dollars worth of various contracts, agreements and cooperation intention, turnover of 254 various types of aircraft. Turnover has doubled over the previous air show, and this is the Japan-China air show since the inception of professional contract amount involved in the largest air show next. Meanwhile, 10 million visitors the first three days of professional days of admission, three days the public at the general audience attracted 220,000 visitors. To participate in exhibitions of professional visitors and professional buyers, the number of potential customers much more than the last air show. Zhuhai Airshow Co., Ltd. relevant responsible person said, as more and more international air show in Zhuhai, China air show and more people would look forward the future. High-tech "Made in China" filling power Airshow China, compared to previous years, this air show from the aircraft to unmanned aerial vehicles, from large civil aircraft to regional jets, from the helicopter to amphibious aircraft, from the Long March rocket to the "Temple One" target aircraft, all-round performance of " Chinese blood "and become the concern of this hot air show. Chinese Air Force air marshals -200, F -10, JH -7, H-oil -6, -9 straight, straight -8, etc.; China Commercial Aircraft Corporation of the first big show of C919 aircraft cabin section 11, ARJ21 New regional jets; China Aviation Industry Corporation's L-15 advanced trainer, seagull 300 light amphibious airplane, AC313 helicopters, AC311 helicopters, are China's own R & D, the models with independent intellectual property rights, and fully demonstrates China military and civil aircraft strength. WJ-600, "Blade", SH-1 and other advanced unmanned aerial vehicle made its debut also Airshow. Among them, the air show debut at the ARJ21 regional jet, seagull 300 amphibious aircraft, AC313 helicopters and boats 600 new regional jets, L-15 advanced trainer, and other domestic advanced military and civil aircraft perform in the audience were left to impressed. FT -6 Chinese Air Force, FT -5, CJ -5 performances allow the audience could feel that the Chinese historical development of the aviation industry. Air show, the Chinese Air Force "August" flight demonstration team for the first time driving the latest painting of the "J -10" had a wonderful six-plane formation flying, becoming a major air show this year one of the highlights. In addition, China Aerospace Science and Technology (000901) Group show lunar landing probe, lunar device, and the lunar surface risers, etc. Back to lunar orbit, "a family of four" and "One Temple" target aircraft and space station model also fully demonstrated the development of China's space industry advanced level.
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