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New ticket prices in Shenzhen rose two into the outbound
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Year of the Rabbit Lunar New Year holiday tourism market early start. Reporters yesterday (10) from Shenzhen travel agencies informed that the European long-term is almost ending Tour Offered registration, Southeast Asia, are entering the hot short-term application of travel. As ticket prices rose a larger New Year Spring Festival, Spring Festival travel fares in general than usual prices. Europe Middle East and Africa relatively hot line CITS boundary from the new King's information display, Year of the Rabbit Year of Ten European teams to tour Europe, Western Europe, ten countries plus the United Kingdom and Western Europe travel connections most popular four-nation tour. As the economy improves, this year's European circuit generally higher than the same period last year of about 500 to 1,000 yuan. The club provides a more extensive U.S. tour. Middle East and Africa during the Spring Festival is also very popular line. New Year of the Rabbit King CITS boundary line Spring Festival launched in Middle East and Africa, in addition to feelings of classical Egypt, the luxury Dubai, ecological, South Africa, Turkey, snow, wild outside Kenya, is also the exclusive new Shenzhen, Iran, Morocco, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia and other destinations . The reason why the European Tour Spring hot, because the Spring Festival travel routes is expected to Year of the Rabbit products are relatively cheap price in 2011. Danian event next year in Europe, but due to travel to Europe this year, too hot, leading to economic crisis in the past the European tourism market, and next year in Europe to access, the hotel will be fully regulated prices, ticket prices will also have a certain percentage. New Year's outbound travel up into two Ctrip relevant responsible person said, most of the Christmas travel abroad after one or two into a higher offer, island tours in Southeast Asia rose more than 100%, up to 150%. Shenzhen Comfort Travel Service Manager, Southeast Asia, Yao Bin, told reporters that Thailand Tour 5 days group, weekdays Offered price of 2,000 yuan / per person, compared to 4,500 yuan during the Spring Festival Year of the Rabbit / per person, up 125%; weekdays 5 to participate in Bali day group, each tour is 3,000 to 4,000 yuan, while the Year of the Rabbit Chinese New Year the group you need 8,000 yuan / person, a whole doubled. Reporter interview yesterday from Jiuzhou Brigade was informed that the New Year Chinese New Year holiday bullish short-term overseas travel, mainly due to transport costs, particularly the rise in aviation, tourism destinations, and to pick up the cost of cost increases. For example, due to local tourism Xin Matai a number of international events will be held, ticket prices have gone up the hotel. Experts suggest that, in order to save travel costs, schools can choose the day of the winter vacation until New Year's Eve in front of the stage, the peak shifting travel is often cheaper. Prices may rise next year, outbound In yesterday's interview, all the major travel agency managers expressed feelings of fear and trepidation: fight the Golden Week, but worry about the profit dilution, and even affect future tours. Although the RMB appreciation will make overseas travel more affordable price, but the international airline tickets, hotels and other procurement prices have soared, the purchase price greater than the appreciation of the RMB on the gains arising from favorable prices of outbound travel, the new year, prices are likely to travel abroad progressively higher.
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