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Chongqing Wanzhou Railway open up the provinces of Hubei and "artery", Enshi, Hubei Province Yichang and other eco-tourism circles have been "activated." It is learned along the Han-Yi - Yi Wan Line, the fastest Wuhan to Enshi up to 4 hours. In the past, traveling from Wuhan to Enshi main bus ride, the journey takes almost 7 hours and fatigue, and vehicle fares at 180-200 yuan, Wanzhou Railway seat is only 82 yuan. In addition, Wanzhou Railway Completed, the Wuhan to Chongqing to achieve up to 8 hours or so. CYTS reception center, general manager of domestic provinces, said Chen Bo, Wuhan, Yichang, Enshi tourism will benefit in the first wave, travel agents are designed to Wanzhou railway lines into the new, the market will be strong next year launch. MNB (Wuhan) Bin Cheng domestic center manager that should Wuhan to Enshi million and the currently selected bus of the whole time was 7 hours, but the price on the Yichang-Wanzhou dominant, business, visiting relatives will be given priority should million passenger lines, greater impact on road passenger transport. Bin Cheng, said the opening should million will travel southwest to bring tremendous changes in market structure, Wuhan people more options, more choice now and in Chengdu, Sichuan tourism transit, to Jiuzhaigou and other places, the future will consider the transfer of Chongqing, radiation to Jiuzhaigou , Lhasa. Now need to take a train from Wuhan to Chongqing, more than 10 hours, the aircraft has only six Qizhe highest discount, 500 yuan, will therefore be the highest price million lines, competition will become more intense, or will cause air prices. Yesterday, Enshi people Scripts (right) with a 2-year-old granddaughter starting Wanzhou Railway train ride.
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