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The note that buy a ticket
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     - - [Real time offers - international airline ticket, home airline ticket books 24 hours to book a hot line: 0755-83629172 sends a bill freely0755-83629172 sends a bill freely

1. To protect your legitimate rights and interests, should choose to have travel agent of right of administration of business of aviation passenger transport or company of ticket Wu representative above all (attention: What do not possess management qualification is general and mere announce a telephone call, it is mobile phone phone or Beep-Pager for the most part, do not publish company name, business address) , the travel agent of professional work of standard management aviation passenger transport or company of ticket Wu representative have the following requirement:
A. Have ' international aviation to carry the IATA license number that association ' issues.
B. Have what the civil aviation bureau issues to manage the license of business of representative of aviation passenger transport. Only the representative of right of administration of domestic passenger ticket cannot run business of international ticket Wu.
C. Have fixed management place and civil aviaton to book terminal system.
D. Have course civil aviaton and international aviation to carry association to groom eligible ticket Wu professional.
2. To assure to check correct the price of a ticket, when asking inquiry, inform go well and truly date of Cheng, return trip, ask written affirm quote.
3. Airline often can roll out sales promotion the price and concerned information, please often column of ' of advertent ' latest news.
4. To prevent a seat number the seat is not ordered when insecurity, had better have ordered the seat number ahead of schedule as far as possible. Booking a seat number do not collect fees, if decide,do not buy a ticket to be able to inform the place that order a ticket cancels at the appointed time.
5. The price of a lot of petty gain has limitative requirement, please advertent.
6. The viatic date that notices you please should be inside the period of efficacy of certificate and visa.
7. Notice the passenger full name that you provide to answer please with the passport (Id) the spelling that go up is identical.
8. Notice to the ticket is bought before the final time limit giving a bill in airline please, lest the seat is cancelled.
9. In the passenger if have children or baby,tell an unripe date please.
10. Other item consults please " civil aviaton passenger transport is regular " .


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